The law firm of Kendrick and Leonard was founded over 15 years ago. Since its creation, the firm has held on to a primary ideal. Clients need trial lawyers to level the playing field, whether you are up against a big company or the government.

At Kendrick and Leonard, we do not exaggerate our trial experience. Years of experience in front of juries is reflected in everything we deliver – from how we handle your initial consultation to the way your case is resolved.

We have tried countless cases. In magistrate’s court, they have tried hundreds of cases from driving under the influence (DUI) to domestic violence. We have tried cases in state court, criminal and civil. From car wrecks to murder cases, we have stood in front of juries and asked for justice in high-profile cases, low-profile cases, and everything in between.

In addition to extensive state court experience, our federal court experience sets us apart. There is not a more powerful organization than the federal government, but we have faced them over and over. From defending a member of the largest motorcycle club in the world against racketeering (RICO) charges to reversing a gambling conviction in the United States Court of Appeals, we can level the playing field – even against the largest opponent in the nation.