Courts make mistakes. There is usually only one way to fix those mistakes – an appeal. Appeals represent a unique
part of the law. The intersection of legal research, written advocacy, and oral advocacy is an area a limited group of
attorneys have mastered.

We have handled numerous appeals in state and federal courts. Our lawyers have appeared in oral arguments in front
of the South Carolina Court of Appeals, the South Carolina Supreme Court, and the United States Court of Appeals
for the Fourth Circuit.


If your case is criminal, we have in-depth knowledge of both state and federal
criminal law. Having handled many of these cases, we are able to identify all of
the issues present in your case and clearly present those
issues to the appropriate court.

Because we handle a significant number of criminal cases in the trial courts, we
are not arguing these cases in a vacuum. We understand where these cases come
from and why these issues arise. We understand the reasoning used by judges.
Most importantly, we understand what will happen if we win an appeal. We always
give our clients an honest and full assessment of their appellate issues,
including what they stand to gain or lose through the process.

If you hire us on appeal, we will present your issues in a clear and intelligent
manner, giving you the best chances of having your case overturned.


Whether you have a verdict you are trying to hang on to or you have a ruling you
want reversed, we are you best option on appeal. Working quickly and efficiently,
we are able to handle your matter in a timely manner and for an efficient fee.
We are happy to discuss appeals with either clients or attorneys. Often trial
attorneys need assistance on an appeal, whether they won or lost at the trial level.
We are more than appellate lawyers – we are also trial lawyers. Because of the
cases we have handled, we are able to understand the full context of your appeal,
giving you an advantage over “appellate specialists”
who have never seen the inside of a courtroom.

Call us now. We can immediately begin working on your appeal and give you an
advantage over the other side, regardless of
how big or well-funded the other side is.


Lawyers make mistakes. How you handle those mistakes can affect your conviction
for many years. Often, procedural missteps, missed deadlines, and failure to
present your case properly can prevent you from raising
valid arguments in the future.

Our representation in these matters is unique. We take a limited number of
state and federal post-conviction actions. We carefully screen those cases for
legitimate issues. We are not simply looking to take your money. If we take your
post-conviction case, we feel there is some issue
which may gain you relief.