If a federal agency (DEA, FBI, ATF, IRS, etc.) has contacted you or arrested you, the time to call a lawyer is now. Every minute that goes
by puts you more at risk for serious consequences. Federal cases are not the same as other criminal cases, and you need a lawyer that
understands this. These cases move fast. By the time you understand how serious a federal charge is and what kind of lawyer you really
need to defend you in these cases, you could be on the eve of a trial.

Our firm understands the federal system. We are able to move as quickly as the federal prosecutors, insuring that you are never at a
disadvantage in a federal case. We understand the intricacies of the complex federal criminal procedure and the unique sentencing
system faced by federal defendants.

Perhaps what is most unique about our law firm is our experience in federal trials. Having tried federal cases involving drugs, guns,
robbery, white collar fraud, racketeering (RICO), and murder-for-hire, we understand how to try your case. When we negotiate on your
behalf, we are not bluffing. We are always willing to go to trial. With access to top private investigators and expert witnesses, as well as in-
depth knowledge of evidence rules and trial procedure, we can even the playing field in a federal case.

If you are facing federal prosecution, call us as soon as possible. The faster we are able to level that playing field, the better chance
you have of a fair result.


Whether it’s a charge for simple possession of marijuana or A major drug trafficking
case, Kendrick & Leonard can provide the best representation. The firm is not
afraid of audio, video, confidential informants, or whatever tool law enforcement
has used to arrest you. With extensive knowledge of search and seizure laws,
entrapment laws, the best strategies for pretrial negotiation, and trial procedure,
Kendrick & Leonard can stand with you from the moment of your arrest to the
final resolution of your case.


From armed robbery to criminal sexual conduct to murder, an arrest for a violent
crime can be one of the most serious legal problems you will face. These charges
can lead to staggering sentences and severe legal consequences. The most
experienced investigators and prosecutors will be working their hardest to put
you in jail for the rest of your life.

You need defense attorneys with the same experience working on your behalf. We
have defended every type of violent crime at trial and through plea negotiations.
We have in-depth knowledge of these cases. We know how to craft an effective
defense, locate witnesses, and use the law to gain every advantage you may need
throughout the case. And if plea negotiations fail, we are not afraid to try your
case and have the skills necessary to successfully to present your defense to a jury.
Don’t waste time if you have been charged with burglary, armed robbery, criminal
sexual conduct, assault, or murder. Call us now. When facing serious charges
and severe prison sentences, you need a law firm to stand between you and the
people working to put you away – we are that law firm.


Property crimes cover a wide variety of arrests for things like financial transaction
card fraud, breach of trust, embezzlement, identity theft, and shoplifting. Being
arrested for property crimes has become more and more serious as the state
continues to increase the penalties and enhancements you can face as a result of
an arrest for a property crime.

No matter how simple your case appears, you need experienced lawyers like us
to defend your case. There are a number of pitfalls you face in these cases, and
you need us to help you avoid making mistakes that could affect the rest of your
life. We are experienced in working with accountants, experts, and investigators
to give you the best defense possible.


DUI cases are unique. When you get arrested for drinking and driving, the social
stigma can be as difficult as the legal consequences. Every day the state legislature
attempts to make the punishment for a DUI harsher. The intense public pressure
related to recent high-profile DUI crashes makes these cases some of the most
difficult and complex matters you will face in the legal system.
Our DUI record speaks for itself. We have won numerous trials and had many
cases dismissed on motions, as well as reduced to lesser charges. We understand
the technical aspects of these cases. Our ability to point out weaknesses in the
Field Sobriety Tests and explain the “voodoo science” behind the Datamaster
(Breathlyzer) machine have resulted in a significant number of not guilty verdicts
in DUI trials.

You need serious trial lawyers to defend you in a DUI case. As an increasing number
of jurisdictions implement “no plea” policies in response to public scrutiny, you
need a law firm that is able to present your case to a jury of your peers. We are
the serious trial lawyers you need for your DUI case.