When two or more parties are involved in a legal dispute seeking money or another specific performance rather than criminal sanctions,
civil litigation is the result. Civil litigation encompasses a broad range of disputes that include but not limited to: personal injury, bad faith
insurance, medical malpractice, and other intricate cases. During the course of litigation, we will become your closest advocate and guide
you through the complex legal matters while working tirelessly to ensure a successful outcome.


From car wrecks to injuries at a business, people get hurt every day. There is one
constant – if you get hurt the insurance company is going to try to avoid paying
you. They will use everything up to and including outright trickery to get you to
release them from having to pay.

We understand this and work to get you the best recovery possible. While we will
never rush a case, we do not wait around for years trying to settle your accident
case. If the insurance company refuses to settle your case, we file suit and begin
litigation. We are not afraid to try cases and we use everything possible to get you
the maximum recovery.


Insurance companies are not your friend. South Carolina law requires they treat
you fairly and act in good faith at all times. They rarely follow this law. Insurance
companies can make a profit only one way – refusing to pay your claim. Even
though that is exactly what they have contracted with you to do, they will never
pay a claim without being forced to pay.

We understand the tricks the insurance companies use and how to make them
pay your claim. We have successfully litigated these cases and know how to get
your claim paid, as well as when to ask for punitive damages and attorneys’ fees
so that the company can bear the cost of refusing to pay you.


We do not shy away from complicated civil matters. Whether it is a difficult real
estate litigation issue, corporate lawsuit, or simply a case that does not easily fit
into a common category, we can handle it. If there is a big firm on the other side,
we are happy to even the playing field for you.

No matter what type of case you are facing, we can handle it for you efficiently
and professionally.