The only real lawyers are trial lawyers, and trial lawyers try cases to juries.

– Clarence Darrow

Kendrick & Leonard is a different kind of law firm. We don’t trade on political connections, we earn the respect of the bench and opposing counsel with hard work. Our courtroom experience is not marketing, it comes from numerous trials. 

If you find yourself entangled in the legal system, you are already outmatched. Our law firm will change that. High stakes litigation is where we gained our experience, and where we shine. Whatever your problem is, there is a solution. Kendrick and Leonard can find it.

Commitment to Excellence

  Just like hiring the right firm can change the outcome of your case, hiring the wrong one can be a disaster. It seems like there are lawyers everywhere you turn and finding the right ones can feel like an overwhelming task.
Kendrick and Leonard is a different kind of firm. The partners are a different kind of lawyer. From our cutting-edge case management system to board certification in criminal trial advocacy, we are committed to excellence.  

Client Services

  We understand the stress our clients and their families are experiencing. Whether you need us to handle civil or criminal litigation, the legal system is rarely a pleasant experience.
With offices in Columbia and Greenville, we can handle cases throughout the state of South Carolina. If your matter goes beyond the boundaries of this state, we have built a network of lawyers throughout the country to help us serve you no matter how big your problem gets.      


  The law can be an archaic profession. The wheels of justice grind slowly. But that is no excuse for your lawyer to be behind the times. At Kendrick and Leonard, we have mastered the use of technology to make your case move as efficiently as possible and keep communication up to date no matter how busy we (or you) are.
Our case management system, legal research database, and communication system are based on the latest technology. We can adapt quickly to changing situations and make sure that responsiveness is reflected in your case.  


  No two cases are the same. We understand the simplest matters are urgent and important to you. We also know any case can turn on a dime, becoming far more complex or difficult at any point.
Being stuck in the old ways is no way to practice law. We aren’t bound by any preconception about how your case should be handled. Sometimes persistent negotiations are required. Sometimes trial advocacy is the answer. Other times your solution is found in a creative resolution that no one expects.
We can find that solution, no matter how unique it is.