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Federal Criminal

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Federal Criminal Defense

If a federal agency (DEA, FBI, ATF, IRS, etc.) has contacted you or arrested you, the time to call a federal criminal defense lawyer is now. Every minute that goes by puts you more at risk for serious consequences. Federal cases are not the same as other criminal cases, and you need a lawyer that understands this. These cases move fast. By the time you understand how serious a federal charge is and what kind of lawyer you really need to defend you in these cases, you could be on the eve of a trial.


Our firm understands the federal system. We are able to move as quickly as the federal prosecutors, ensuring that you are never at a disadvantage in a federal case. We understand the intricacies of the complex federal criminal procedure and the unique sentencing system faced by federal defendants.


Perhaps what is unique about our law firm is our experience in federal trials. Having tried federal cases involving drugs, guns, robbery, white-collar fraud, racketeering (RICO), and murder-for-hire, we understand how to try your case. When we negotiate on your behalf, we are not bluffing. We are always willing to go to trial. With access to top private investigators and expert witnesses, as well as in-depth knowledge of evidence rules and trial procedure, we are able to even the playing field in a federal case.


If you are facing federal prosecution, call us as soon as possible. The faster we are able to level that playing field, the better chance you have of a fair result.


Federal Drug Charges

When the feds arrest you for drug charges, things are very different from the run of the mill drug case. The prosecution moves quicker, the sentences are higher, and the process is more unforgiving. You cannot afford to waste a single day. You need experienced federal criminal defense lawyers to immediately begin your defense. Don’t wait until it is too late – call us now.


Federal drug cases have significant differences from what you may expect. They are often built on a foundation of cooperating witnesses, hearsay, and rumors. Even if the federal government cannot produce actual drugs, they will still attempt to put you in jail for frightening lengths of time.


Defending these cases involves a series of quick and complex decisions. From the day of your arrest, it is critical to begin evaluating your case and start determining the best defense. We understand the decisions that need to be made. More importantly, we understand the consequences of each decision we make. Our extensive experience defending federal drug cases allows us to competently guide you through one of these cases, start to finish. Let us start helping you now.



The Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) was passed decades ago. Congress intended it to address criminal organizations like the mafia. It has now grown into one of the most powerful tools in a federal prosecutor’s arsenal and is used against everyone from neighborhood gangs to legitimate businessmen.


RICO cases are incredibly complex. There are far more witnesses. A trial takes much longer. The amount of discovery provided prior to trial can be overwhelming. The sentencing you face is much more complex. You cannot face a RICO charge without an experienced federal lawyer.

We understand RICO. We understand how the prosecutors use it to strengthen weak cases. We understand the sentence you face and the elements required to convict you. But most importantly, we understand how to defend these cases. We know how to manage massive amounts of discovery, navigate complex legal rules, and present long and complicated cases at trial. We know how to even the playing field. If you are facing a federal prosecutor, he has all of the advantages. Hire us and face these prosecutors on an even playing field.


White Collar Crimes

“White collar crimes” involve a wide variety of conduct, ranging from fraud to embezzlement to regulatory offenses. This type of prosecution is different. Not only will there be a dispute over your actions, there will be a dispute over whether you have even violated the law.


You need to contact a lawyer the second you suspect you are under investigation by the federal government for any white-collar crime. Not just any lawyer. It is critical you contact a federal criminal defense lawyer with experience handling federal investigations and well-versed in federal procedure.


We know how to handle these cases. We know how to talk to agents and how to advise you so that you do not make critical mistakes early in the process that will come back to haunt you. We also know how federal trial procedure. We know how each move you make will affect the outcome of the case.


If the case goes on, we can try it, no matter how complex the matter. We have access to investigators and experts that can equal the massive resources the government will use against you. We understand the finances, the paperwork, and the business practices that will become central to your defense. With the ability to move quickly and intelligently, your defense is in the best hands possible with the federal criminal defense lawyers at Kendrick & Leonard.


The world of white-collar crime has changed. The government is pursuing these cases vigorously and courts are handing out serious sentences. You need federal criminal defense lawyers that understand these cases and can help you mount a real defense to this type of case.


Violent Crimes

The federal government pursues crimes like bank robbery, Hobbs Act violations (robbery and extortion), and firearms offenses vigorously. The federal criminal sentencing structure results in a wide variety of sentences. Understanding the importance of each fact is critical throughout a defense to a federal violent crime.


These cases often start out simple with a single act the government begins investigating. They become more complex as your co-defendants begin cooperating and the federal prosecutors begin stacking charges against you. You need experienced and able lawyers as soon as possible.


We have tried and resolved many of these cases. We understand what needs to be done throughout each stage of these proceedings.



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