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Greenville Professional License Defense Lawyer

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Professional License Defense Lawyer in Greenville, SC.

As a professional, you worked hard to gain your license. Your professional license allows you to do your job, help patients, and make a living. When you receive information about a legal investigation against your practice and professional license, you may start to worry about what the next steps should be. Even if you did nothing wrong, it is possible that the Professional Examiners Board in your state will still take a look at a complaint against you. Without a good professional license defense lawyer in Greenville, SC, you could lose your license.

At Kendrick & Leonard, P.C. we handle a variety of Greenville Professional License Defense Cases including, but not limited to:


Someone Files a Complaint Against You

Most professionals will have someone file a complaint against them at some point. Often, these complaints are not substantial. They are usually from a disgruntled employee or a client who was not happy with you or your practice. Other times, the complaint may be legitimate. These have to show that you did something that was illegal or against the code of ethics for your profession.


Why would someone file a complaint against me?

There are several reasons why someone may file a complaint with the local board against you. These include:

  • You were drinking or on illegal drugs while performing your duties
  • You did something that was illegal and directly affects your professional job
  • Misconduct against the patient
  • Sexual harassment
  • Not providing the right level of care to patients
  • Improper record keeping in the office

There are many reasons why you may be accused of professional misconduct. Anyone in the state is able to file a claim against you, but it is up to the board to determine whether they will pursue an investigation. The more information that the claimant can make against you and use as proof of your indiscretion, the more likely it will be that you will need to go through an investigation. If you do receive notice about a claim against you, it is important to seek the legal guidance of a professional license defense lawyer to help you through this process.


The Investigation and Your Professional License Defense

When a complaint is filed against you, the licensing board will determine whether they are going to perform a review of the complaint or not. Many times the complaint is ignored because it doesn’t have any proof of wrongdoing on your behalf. In these cases, you will not hear about the complaint at all. However, if the board sees the complaint as valid, they will notify you about the investigation. As soon as you hear about the investigation, it is important to get the help of a professional license defense lawyer. The investigator can make unannounced visits to your office and home to complete their investigation. Even though they may sound friendly at the time, it is important to have someone there to represent you.


Speaking with the Board Investigator

It is common for investigators to try and befriend the professional by being friendly and saying that they are only interested in gathering the facts about the case. But it is important to know that anything that you say to the investigator could be used when they are building a case against you. This is true even if the information is about something not related to the case. The board investigator is there to represent the person who filed the complaint, not you.

Before you speak to the board investigator, it is important to speak with a professional license defense lawyer in Greenville, SC. They will be able to work with you on the case and can represent you. It is their job to help you get a favorable outcome so you can keep your professional license.


Giving Information to the Investigator About Your Professional License Defense

During the investigation, you will need to provide some information to the investigator to help them make a determination about your complaint. Sometimes this will just be information from you about what happened or how you conduct your business. Sometimes they will want access to your billing information or your records to see if you are following proper procedures. And there are times when they will want to interview other people in your office.

While it is your responsibility to provide this information to the investigator in order to get the complaint taken care of. But you need to be careful about what information  you provide to the investigator. A professional license defense lawyer will help you to know what information you must present to the investigation.

In some cases, the investigator may ask for records or other information that they do not have the legal rights to ask for. They may even ask for information that does not relate to the case. Your professional license defense lawyer will advise you on what information is necessary for the investigation while protecting your practice as well.


When Formal Charges are Filed

As long as you have treated your clients with respect and followed the code of ethics for your profession, the investigation will show no evidence against you. If you work with a professional license defense lawyer, it is likely that you don’t say or do anything to threaten yourself.

There are times though, when formal charges will be filed against you. When this happens, you will receive something known as an Order to Show Cause. This is similar to a civil complaint and inside it will list out the facts about the allegations against you. When you are charged, the licensing board is going to assign this matter over to a Hearing Examiner. They will hear any motions and then conduct a hearing and issue a Decision and Order.


How can a professional license defense lawyer in Greenville, SC assist?

If your investigation results in formal charges, it is important to work with a professional license defense lawyer. This hearing can be similar to going to court for other civil cases and if the proceedings do not go your way, you will end up losing your professional license, making it hard to help your clients and make a living.

A professional license defense lawyer will be able to help you during the whole proceeding. They will talk to the Hearing Examiner during the case, provide the motions that are needing, and find evidence that supports your case. It is best to go through these proceedings with the help of a professional license defense lawyer. If all goes well, your professional license defense lawyer will be successful. They will help you win your case and keep your professional license.

You worked hard for your professional license, don’t let someone try to take it away from you. Contact us at Kendrick and Leonard, P.C. Attorneys at Law to help you with your case. You will work directly with a professional license defense lawyer to help you through every step of the process. Contact us today.

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