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Greenville Nursing License Defense Lawyer

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Nursing License Defense Lawyer in Greenville, SC

As a nurse, you work hard to serve your patients and the physicians you work for. It is your job to make sure everyone is on the same page. You often see the patients more than the doctor’s do. You are also responsible for taking notes, keeping information about the patient organized, and so much more. This job is a noble one, one that takes a lot of time and effort on a daily basis, and you worked hard to get your nursing license in the first place. However,  it is easy to get busy and forget to write down some of the required information. If this happens and you hear a formal complaint, it is time to work with a nursing license defense lawyer in Greenville, SC.


Charting Errors can Result in a Letter from the Bureau of Registered Nursing

In fact, these charting errors are the top reason that nurses are going to receive a letter of inquiry from the Bureau of Registered Nursing. Whether the absence of information ended up making things difficult for a patient or not, it is a serious matter. For the most part, these errors are going to be caused when one shift did not document verbal orders into a chart. Then, when the new shift nurse takes over, they are missed. Luckily, the errors can be easily remedied.

However, if you are facing a letter of inquiry from the Bureau of Registered Nursing, it is important that you respond quickly. You also want to make sure that you do it in a way that does not harm your nursing license. Contacting a nursing license defense lawyer is the best way to help you get through any investigations and keep your license.


Common Issues with Charting

There are a number of nursing charting errors that can occur. When they do, they can result in the patient not receiving the level of care that they should. Some of these common charting errors include:

  • Failing to record drug information or health factors of the patient
  • Forgetting to record the actions that the nurse took to take care of the patient
  • Failing to record information about medications that the patient was given
  • Recording information, but putting it in the wrong medical record for a different patient
  • Failing to document a medication that has been discontinued
  • Failing to record any changes that occur with the patient’s condition or any drug reactions of the patient.
  • Transcribing any orders improperly or transcribing orders that were not right.
  • Writing in a manner that no one can read or not completing the records once they were started.

While it is understandable that the fast-paced environment that nurses work in can leave them forgetful and in a hurry, it is important that they take the time to write down information about each patients in the proper manner. If this is not done, it could result in pain, suffering, or even death.

If you have been dealt an inquiry for improperly charting records, it is important to talk to a nursing license defense lawyer today. They will be able to take a look at your case and determine the best course of action to help you keep your nursing license. They can also be there to represent you through all parts of the investigation. This ensures that you are treated in a fair manner that is in accordance with the law.


Why are these charting issues such a big deal?

The fast-paced nature of working in the medical field presents a lot of stress on nurses. With the stress and lack of time it is not unreasonable that that some charting is forgotten. While this may not end up being a big deal each time it happens, if the information is not recorded it could be disastrous. If a nurse takes over a shift and does not know all the information, it could result in incorrect care. If a patient ends up getting harmed because of the lack of information or they end up dying, you could lose your nursing license.

For example, a patient who was admitted to the hospital for a broken bone and tells you about an allergy to latex. However, you forget to chart the information. It could result in an investigation from the Bureau if someone who works with the patient ends up causing an allergic reaction in the process.


How to Prevent a Nursing License Defense

It is important that you write down all the information about the patient. Nurses run into trouble because they verbally give instructions to the next shift of nurses without writing it down. The nursing staff of the next shift could forget some of the information. Also, a new nurse could come in at some time. Since the information was not written down, the new shift would not know about this missed information and it could result in harm to the patient.

If you are dealing with an investigation, it is important to talk to a nursing license defense lawyer. They have the experience to help you through this investigation and help you keep your nursing license.


Why do I need a nursing license defense lawyer for these instances?

Many nurses do not think that these inquiries are that big of a deal. Sometimes they think they can handle them on their own. Most people do not see a charting issue as that big of an issue. However, if it results in someone not getting the care and attention that they need, then it can be taken very seriously.

While it is possible to deal with the inquiry on your own, it is best to work with a nursing license defense lawyer. The investigator who comes to talk to you, whether they seem friendly or intimidating, is working to protect the consumer. They are not concerned about whether you keep your license or not. It is too easy for you to say the wrong thing or give the wrong information. If that is the case, then the Bureau could vote to take away your nursing license.

These investigations can sometimes consume a good deal of your time and energy as well. A nursing license defense lawyer can help with this issue as well. They can be there to represent you through the whole case, be there when you speak to any investigators, and ensure that you are being treated in a fair way. With the right nursing license defense lawyer, you will be able to keep your nursing license.

If you are looking for a nursing license defense lawyer, look no further than Kendrick & Leonard, P.C., Attorneys at Law. Our team has the experience needed to help you keep your nursing license so you can keep on working. Contact us today to get started.

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