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Greenville Dental License Defense Lawyer

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Dental License Defense Lawyer in Greenville, SC

As a professional in the dental field, you may find that there is a time when you will risk having your license suspended because someone filed a complaint. You worked hard to earn your professional dental license and you do not want to lose it. Hiring a dental license defense lawyer is the best option for you when this situation occurs.

A dental license defense lawyer will be able to help you when a complaint is filed against you. The licensing board in your state will determine whether they are going to investigate your dental practice. If they do decide to investigate, it can end up with a license suspension in the process. Hiring a dental license defense lawyer will help you to keep your license so you can provide great service to your customers.

Who regulates complaint cases?

The licensing of dentists is going to fall under the control of the State Board of Dental Examiners. The Board’s mission is to protect the health of the consumer and public safety and they do this by enforcing the Dental Practice act and other legal provisions in the state. The job of the Board is to make sure that all dental practices in the state are in compliance with these regulations.

The Board will be in charge of renewing or issuing dental licenses and they will require that anyone asking for a license declare any prior criminal convictions. The Board will also conduct background checks to ensure there aren’t complaints against you or the practice.

If someone does file a complaint against you, it is going to come before the Board to review. Sometimes they will decide that the complaint does not have any merit and you will not even hear about it. Other times, it will decide that there may be some merit to the complaint and they will start an investigation. You will be notified about the impending investigation and this is the time when you should talk to a dental license defense lawyer.

What conduct could be brought up by a complaint?

The first thing to realize is that just because you receive a Board complaint, it does not mean that you are automatically guilty or that you did anything wrong. This is why you should work with a dental license defense lawyer from the beginning so you can understand the next step of actions for your case.

However, there are a few actions that could result in a professional complaint against you or your dental practice. These could include issues such as:

  • Negligence or substandard practice
  • Alcohol addiction or abuse
  • Poor conditions of sanitation in the office
  • Drug addiction and abuse
  • Insurance fraud
  • Breach of confidentiality when it comes to patient records
  • False or misleading advertising
  • Irresponsibility with financial matters
  • Inappropriate conduct with the patients
  • Practicing your services under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Failing to maintain the proper records
  • Allowing staff without the right credentials to practice beyond the scope of their jobs.

Depending on the case, a complaint against you could trigger an investigation. It could result in a professional reprimand, a fine, a suspension, or even a revocation of your license. This is why you should contact a dental license defense lawyer to help with your case as soon as possible to help you avoid penalties, especially if you did not participate in any of the behaviors above.

Things the Board will Consider with Disciplinary Action

If you are under investigation for either negligence or criminal complaints, you may have disciplinary actions taken. The Board could take away your dental license, suspend your dental license, or place the entire practice under probation.

There are some different factors that the Board is going to consider when they determine what kind of disciplinary measures they will level towards you. Some of the factors that the Board will consider include:

  • The severity of your crime or offense
  • The extent of the harm that posed to the public
  • Whether or not there were any prior complaints, disciplinary action, or judicial action against you
  • The actual harm posed to the patients
  • The number of violations that you had prior
  • The existence of any aggravating factors
  • How well you complied with the probation and the sentencing terms from the Board
  • Evidence of rehabilitation activity if the issue is drug or alcohol abuse or addiction.
  • The amount of time that you have been in the dental field
  • The evidence of early and voluntary admission of the crime committed.

The amount of disciplinary action that the Board will levy to you is going to vary and can be arbitrary. Working with a dental license defense lawyer can help you to get as little disciplinary action as possible. If this is the first complaint against you if you do not have any other crimes against you, and if you have worked well with the investigators in this complaint, then it is likely that your dental license defense lawyer will be able to work with you to get the discipline down to a minimum.

Why would I need a dental license defense lawyer in Greenville, SC after a complaint?

It is always a good idea to work with a dental license defense lawyer when you are dealing with a formal complaint from the Board in your state. It may be tempting to try and save the money and just deal with the complaint on your own. But the Board is always on the side of the patient and the public, and they are not there to help you keep your license and they are not that concerned about whether you get to continue practicing or not.

It is nice to have someone on your side during this investigation, someone who cares about whether you get to keep your professional license or not, and a dental license defense lawyer will be able to stay in your corner through the process. They can work with you ensuring that you are being fairly treated during the investigation.

What if I am found guilty during the investigation?

If found guilty of the complaint, the right dental license defense lawyer will be able to work with the Board and defend you so that your sentencing is at a minimum. If you want to keep your professional license and have the ability to continue working your dental practice, make sure that you talk to a dental license defense lawyer as soon as you receive a formal complaint from the Board.

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