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Greenville Accounting License Defense Lawyer

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Accounting License Defense Lawyer in Greenville, SC

Facing a loss of license as a professional accountant is something that no one wants to experience. Many accountants need their professional licenses in order to perform tax services, bookkeeping, and more. Gaining a CPA license is important because it makes it easier to work as an accountant and shows others that you know what you are talking about when you work on their finances. If your accounting license may be revoked, you need the help of an accounting license defense lawyer.

As an accountant, you are expected to follow a certain set of regulations and code of ethics. If you do not maintain this code of ethics, you could face a license suspension or have it revoked. If you are accused, you will face the possibility of an investigation. You could be severely limited in your accounting practices if you are found to have violated standard accounting practices.

It is important for you to take swift action when you are notified about a complaint against you. This can help you to keep your reputation intact and makes it easier to keep providing your services after the investigation is complete. Working with an accounting license defense lawyer can ensure that the investigation will go the way that you want.


How do I know if a complaint was filed against you?

The licensing board in your state often receives complaints against various accounting practices. Sometimes these complaints are thrown out for lack of evidence. Other times there will be enough evidence that the licensing agency will decide to complete an investigation. This investigation does not automatically mean that your license will be suspended or revoked. You are able to continue practicing, but the licensing board will take a look at your practice. They will be trying to collect as much evidence against you for their claim.

If the licensing board decides to perform an investigation against you, they will send you a letter. This letter will notify you about the proceedings and what will happen next. As soon as you receive this notice, it is important to hire an accounting license defense lawyer to help represent you during this case. The accounting license defense lawyer will be able to help you when talking to the licensing board investigator. They will also you what information to present to them and what information to withhold.


Can the Licensing Board Look at Anything During the Investigation

The licensing board in your state is responsible for promoting the public confidence in accounting practices. It is responsible for ensuring that any individual who is in charge of handling financial reports and statements is adhering to the professional accounting practices in their state.

Understanding this will help you to see why it is so important to have an accounting license defense lawyer on your side. The state licensing board is there to protect the consumer, not you. It does not matter if the state investigator seems friendly, you should still have them work with your accounting license defense lawyer. This ensures you do not say or do something that would harm your case.

There are several things the state licensing board can investigate once they contact you. These include:

  • The professional conduct as well as any ethical behavior that would show how you are not able to practice as a CPA.
  • A conviction of illegal dishonesty, such as fraud.
  • Holding an accounting license but being convicted of a felony.
  • Obtaining fees for your services using methods that are fraudulent.
  • Violating the rules that are in place for how to act professionally in your field of work.
  • Acts of fraud, acts of being dishonest, and acts of gross negligence when you performed your accounting duties.

If the investigation shows that you are in fact guilty of any of the above, it is possible that you could lose your license. It is also possible for you to lose your license any time that you are convicted of a crime. Even if that crime is not related to accounting, your license could be at risk.  In some cases, you could lose your license without any hearing, if you have a conviction of any crime.


What about my tax returns?

In addition, if you file a fraudulent tax return or you fail to file your tax return as an accountant, you could lose your license. Accountants who knowingly file fraudulent tax returns for their clients can lose their license. It is your duty to keep everything legal when working in accounting in the United States. Otherwise, you could end up losing your professional accounting license.

Working with an accounting license defense lawyer in Greenville, SC is so important during this investigation. Your lawyer will be there to answer your questions, tell you what you must legally do during this investigation, speak for you during the investigation, and will be there during the process to ensure that you can keep your professional license.


Why would I need an accounting license defense lawyer?

Many accountants will receive a notification from the state licensing board for accountants. Some will assume that it is not a big deal. They will continue on with their practice, answering questions as best as they can and trying to help the investigation proceed. However, this is a bad idea. These investigations can take up a lot of time. When you are already busy with the upkeep of your business, you may find that you are stretching yourself too thin. In addition, you may not know what the investigator can ask for. It is easy for them to overstep and you could give incriminating information. Saying or doing the wrong thing, even if it is not related to the case, could cost you your professional accounting license.

Working with an accounting license defense lawyer will help to solve some of these issues. An accounting license defense lawyer will be able to handle the details of the case so you can concentrate on providing good customer service to your clients. They can also help you know what to say and what information to give to the licensing board investigator so that you do not hinder the investigation, but you also do not incriminate yourself in the process. Do not go through this investigation on your own. Hire an accounting license defense lawyer and let them hep you keep your accounting license.

If you are looking of an account license defense lawyer, make sure to contact us at Kendrick and Leonard, P.C., Attorneys at Law. Our team has the experience you need to handle an investigation and will help you to keep your professional accounting license. Contact us today.

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