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What is the difference between Drug Possession and PWID in Columbia, SC?

KENDRICK & LEONARD, P.C. > Criminal Defense  > What is the difference between Drug Possession and PWID in Columbia, SC?

What is the difference between Drug Possession and PWID in Columbia, SC?

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Facing a drug possession charge is hard enough, but it’s worse when you’re not sure if your charge is simply drug possession, or possession with the intent to distribute in Columbia, SC. There is a primary difference between the charges. It’s entirely reasonable for anyone who is facing a drug charge in Columbia, South Carolina.

If you were arrested for drug possession or possession with intent to distribute it’s crucial to have all of your questions answered thoroughly. Contacting a drug possession attorney will help you identify what your defense options are and what the charges against you could mean for your future.

What is a Simple Drug Possession Charge?

Simple possession is another term for possession and does not include the intent to distribute. Standard possession uses the weight of the drugs in possession to identify that this charge does not include PWID or possession with intent to distribute. Simple possession is usually a misdemeanor, and first-time offenders have many options for resolving this issue.

Marijuana possession charges are among the most popular charges in Columbia, South Carolina. These charges often see resolution through a rehabilitation program, community service and a period of probation. But harder drugs face more serious ramifications.

What is a PWID Charge?

In Columbia, South Carolina, PWID stands for Possession with Intent to Distribute. Possession with the intent to distribute typically means that the police are accusing you of carrying a higher volume of drugs than simple possession. The police involved may believe you were selling or giving the drugs to other people. This assumption is unfair as the quantity of drugs isn’t always inductive of a person’s intent.

Specifics of a PWID Charge

It is not a violent crime, but usually has the consequences of multiple years in jail and thousands of dollars in fines. A first offense PWID charge can range from 5 to 15 years in jail time and $5,000 to $25,000 in fines. The more extreme drugs usually go with more extreme drugs.

One significant difference between a possession with intent to distribute and simple possession charge is the level of severity. Where a simple possession charge is usually a misdemeanor, a possession with intent to distribute charge is always a felony. First offenses typically aren’t treated lightly. Many judges hope that more severe punishment would deter people from returning to similar actions when released.

Can You Face Both Charges?

No, you cannot face both drug possession and possession with intent to distribute in Columbia, SC. The charges pressed against you usually rely on these factors:

  • The weight of alleged drugs found in possession
  • If suspected drugs were packaged for sale
  • If the use of a scale or similar measurement device is seen

The above difference not only affects the charges pressed against you but also the difficulty of your defense.  Whenever you are facing drug charges, you’ll need the assistance of a drug possession attorney to help you get your life back on track.

Because you will only face 1 charge, most officers attempt to make the more severe charge stick. A lawyer will be able to help you understand the charge that you are facing. Many drug charge attorneys can explain your charges and offer suggestions for your defense.

When Does Drug Possession Become PWID in Columbia, South Carolina?

Whether they charge you with possession or possession with the intent to distribute mostly relies on the volume of drugs they claim to have found. Many drug defense lawyers in Columbia, South Carolina understand the ins and outs of drug regulations.

For marijuana, possession becomes a PWID at about 28 grams. This volume is far more than what typical marijuana users carry on their person. Harder drugs such as cocaine can qualify as a PWID with as little as 1 gram. It’s essential to speak freely with your attorney on how much, if any, drugs were on your person at the time.

Contact an Attorney

Whenever you’re facing any drug charge, whether it’s simple possession or possession with intent to distribute, you need a lawyer. A drug charges attorney can help you understand the costs, the specifics behind the charge and the possible consequences.

Because consequences can vary so much based on the specifics of your charges, it’s essential to seek an attorney. The law offices of Kendrick and Leonard can help you understand what your options are and assist you in making decisions that are best for you. Contact an attorney today for an evaluation of your charges and assistance in your defense.

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