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Columbia Professional License Defense Lawyer

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Professional License Defense Lawyer in Columbia, South Carolina

Obtaining a professional license – no matter what your profession – requires hard work, time and money. Doctors, lawyers, dentists, accountants, pharmacists, nurses, veterinarians, and other professionals put in years of their life acquiring academic knowledge and gaining practical experience. They use this knowledge and experience in their professional life when dealing with clients and patients.


It is important to understand that every professional license is issued by a regulatory body and this regulatory body is responsible for issuing the license and ensuring that all licensed professionals abide by the standards outlined by that regulatory body. In case there is any deviation from this, the individual in question is at risk of having a professional license suspended or revoked. If you are a licensed professional working in Columbia, South Carolina and if you are facing a possible suspension or revocation of your license, you need to speak to a professional license defense lawyer as soon as possible.


The Professional License Defense Attorneys at Kendrick & Leonard, P.C. handle a variety of license defense cases including:


Who Can File a Complaint Against a Licensed Professional in Columbia, South Carolina?

Whether you’re dealing with an accountant or a doctor, the fact is that anyone who comes in contact with a licensed professional can file a complaint against them with the relevant regulatory authority. For example, if you have an issue with a nurse, you will report the nurse to the South Carolina Board of Nursing. If you have a problem with a dentist, you will report the complaint to the South Carolina Dental Board and so on.


There is no restriction as to who can file a complaint. Complaints to the Board are filed directly and do not need to go to the professional’s office. Anybody including the professional’s direct clients/patients, colleagues, superiors, staff members, neighbors, law officers or a public citizen can file a complaint. The only thing that matters is that the person filing the complaint has a legitimate reason for doing so and has the necessary evidence to substantiate their claim. If you are licensed professional in Columbia, South Carolina and if you have just become aware that a complaint has been filed against you, you should call a professional license defense attorney immediately.


Reasons Why a Licensing Body Might Take Action

Licensed professionals in Columbia, South Carolina are regulated by different regulatory bodies. While each entity has their own set of operational standards, code-of-conduct and rules and regulations, there are some key parameters that must be followed by professionals if they want to avoid putting their professional license at risk. Any regulatory body that oversees licensed professionals may decide to take action if they suspect the following:

  • That the professional in question is not following the standards set out by the Board. Any failure to comply with the standards outlined by the Board can result in action against their license which could include temporary suspension or permanent revocation. If you have been notified by your regulatory Board that a complaint has been filed against you and that an investigation has been initiated, you need to speak to a professional license defense attorney immediately.
  • That the licensed professional in question has engaged in acts that are either deceitful or fraudulent. Such a complaint can be filed by a client or a colleague or anyone who comes across information that might indicate that the professional is involved in fraud. Keep in mind that if you are notified of such action against you, you have to take this seriously even if you are confident that the allegations are untrue. You will still need to defend yourself in front of the Board, and you need a professional license defense lawyer to make sure that this is done
  • That the licensed professional has engaged in criminal activity. If the individual is convicted of a felony, licensing boards can decide to suspend or revoke their license. Contact a professional license defense lawyer to find out more information in this regard.

Overall, any behavior that is outside the domain of “accepted conduct” can be used against a licensed professional. A medical doctor is not expected to treat patients while they are drunk; a pharmacist is not expected to dispense wrong medicine to their patients or advise them to take a dose that is not recommended; an accountant is not expected to manipulate their client’s financial statements; a veterinarian is not expected to be unkind or cruel to animals in their care and so on. Every profession has certain rules and regulations and a code of conduct, and any licensed professional that fails to meet those standards will be at risk of losing their license.

Possible Penalties In Case of a Complaint

As specified above, every licensing Board in Columbia, South Carolina has a basic set of rules and regulations. Whenever they issue a license to a professional, they do so with an understanding that the individual will demonstrate professionalism and will abide by those rules. If this does not turn out to be true, the Board has the authority to take away the same license that they issued to you in the first place.


Depending on the type of allegation against you and the amount of evidence the Board has to substantiate those allegations, the following can be expected from the Board in case of a complaint:

  • Probation ranging from a few months to a few years.
  • Pay a monetary penalty.
  • Check into rehabilitation.
  • Temporary suspension of their professional license
  • Face permanent revocation of their professional license.

Retain an Experienced Professional License Defense Lawyer


At Kendrick & Leonard, our professional license defense lawyer understands how vital your license is and what it means to you. We realize that licensed professionals spend years in training to acquire the skills that they later use for the benefit of others. A complaint against you puts that license and your livelihood at risk. It also has the potential to obliterate your professional reputation.


AS a licensed professional working in Columbia, South Carolina, you need to understand that you are innocent until proven guilty. The legal system gives you the right to defend yourself, and while you have to do it in line with the process outlined by the Board, nevertheless, you have the right to present a strong defense. Call us today and speak to our professional license defense attorney. Explain to them your situation. Tell them why the Board has initiated an investigation against you. Give them your side of the story. Provide them as much information as you can. By doing so, you will help them prepare a strong defense on your behalf. Keep in mind that even if you are sure that the investigation is invalid and that the allegations against you are false, you will need to convince the Board of this as well. Your professional license defense lawyer is the best person to do that for you as they know understand the legal system and they will know the measures that need to be taken to ensure your license is protected.


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