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Columbia Dentist License Defense Lawyer

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Dentist License Defense Lawyer Columbia, South Carolina

Getting a letter of complaint from the South Carolina Dental Board can be a stressful time. This is usually the first indication that your license to practice as a dentist is being investigated. If you are a practicing dentist in Columbia, South Carolina and if you are facing such a situation, you need to seek assistance from a dentist license defense lawyer as this is a grave matter.


Most professionals, including dentists, are so involved in their daily work – clients, patients, record keeping, etc., that they hardly have the time to understand or learn about the process of complaints and subsequent consequences. Most dentists who receive a letter of complaint from the South Carolina Dental Board have no idea how to proceed, and in a rush to resolve the matter, they start to communicate with the board openly. This often turns out to be a mistake because anything you write or say to the Board can, later on, be used against you. The best recommendation is to speak to a dentist license defense attorney first so that you get to understand your rights and your options and you know how you should proceed.


It often happens that a dentist might feel that the allegations against them are entirely baseless. They are confident that nothing would come out of it and that is why they begin to engage in a dialogue with the Board without preparing a proper defense. The fact is that even if you feel that you have done no wrong, it is essential to speak to a dentist license defense lawyer first as this way you will be prepared and you will know what to expect and what the Board could potentially do when dealing with the complaint filed against you.


Who Can File a Complaint Against a Dentist to the South Carolina Dental Board?


Complaints against a dentist can come from many sources and includes the following:

  • Your office manager
  • Your colleagues
  • The patient(s)
  • The junior staff
  • Law enforcement officers
  • The general public


Whenever a letter is sent by South Carolina Dental Board that notifies you that a complaint has been filed, you need to take this seriously. This is not a trivial matter but one which carries enormous importance as you risk losing your license to practice dentistry. All the hard work, time and money that you’ve invested in this profession over the years can quickly go down the drain if your license is revoked or suspended. That is why you need to act smart, and you need to find a dentist license defense attorney who can help you deal with the situation properly.


What Happens If I Learn Someone Has Filed a Complaint?


When the South Carolina Dental Board sends you a letter notifying you that a complaint has been filed, it is an indicator that they believe that there is enough ground to merit further investigation. In other words, they are preparing a case against you, and you also need to start working towards preparing a defense. That is why you should immediately call a dentist license defense lawyer and inform them about the situation. A dentist license defense attorney can act on your behalf and can communicate with the Dental Board. Also, a dentist license defense lawyer will be in a better position to further look into the allegations against you so that they can come up with a strong defense strategy.


What Types of Complaints does the South Carolina Dental Board Investigate?


The South Carolina Dental Board has one major role – to protect the public.  The Board investigates any complaint that goes against the Code of Conduct. Some of the reasons why the board may pursue an investigation include the following:


  • Practicing dentistry without a license.
  • Providing sub-standard care to patients.
  • Having had multiple serious complications including death in your practice.
  • Diverting controlled substances for personal use.
  • Prescribing controlled substances without a valid reason.
  • Having a criminal conviction- robbery, violence, stealing, theft, etc.
  • Possessing or engaging in child pornography.
  • Drunk driving.
  • Performing dental procedures while drunk or abusing illicit drugs.
  • Domestic or child abuse.
  • Failing to supervise junior staff.
  • Failing to maintain records about the dental practice.
  • Fraudulent billing practice.
  • Failing to provide the necessary documentation for license renewal.


Each of these complaints is very serious, and the South Carolina Dental Board does not take them lightly. The job of the board is to ensure public safety, and it has the legal right to suspend or revoke your license. If you have received information that you are under investigation, you need to speak to a dentist license defense attorney as soon as possible. 


What Type of Punishment Can I Face?


Once the South Carolina Dental Board initiates an investigation, the type of punishment depends on the seriousness of the complaint. The following penalties may occur:

  • Probation that may range from a few months to several years
  • Monetary penalty
  • Public apology
  • Rehabilitation for conviction of alcohol abuse
  • Temporary suspension of your dental license
  • Permanent revocation of your dental license


How do I Defend Myself?


As soon as you learn that someone has filed a complaint against you contact a dentist license defense lawyer. Don’t write to the Board. Don’t communicate with them without talking to your dentist license defense attorney first. This is true even if you are 100% sure that the complaint against you is invalid. If you write the board directly, this communication can become evidence. A dentist license defense lawyer will know how these things work.  The lawyer will guide you as to the most effective strategy to deal with this situation. Your dentist license defense attorney can speak to the Dental board on your behalf. Your attorney will gather more details about the nature and seriousness of the complaint. When you attend a board hearing, then you have the right to have a dentist license defense lawyer present. Use this right to prepare for the Board.


When Should I Seek Assistance from a Dentist License Defense Attorney?

The South Carolina Dental Board notifies you of the complaint. Thus, it is important to seek assistance from a dentist license defense lawyer as soon as possible. At Kendrick and Leonard, our dentist license defense attorney will help build a strong defense. This is done by collecting all the relevant information related to your case. This process can easily take a few weeks. Our dentist license defense attorney will try and work out a plea deal so that the punishment does not result in permanent suspension of your dental license.  Remember, the South Carolina Dental Board’s primary interest is public safety, and if they deem you to be even a minor danger to the public, you are at risk of losing your license. Don’t take this situation lightly and call the offices of Kendrick and Leonard today.


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