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Columbia Accounting License Defense Lawyer

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Accounting License Defense Lawyer in Columbia, South Carolina

To work as a professional accountant in Columbia, South Carolina has to apply to the South Carolina Board of Accountancy. The Board is the issuing authority for all accounting licenses.  Licenses are only issued once the candidate has fulfilled the Board’s primary requirements. These requirements include accounting experience gained through part-time or full-time employment. Also through teaching at a college or university that is accredited either by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools or by any other accrediting body that is recognized by the State Department of Education in South Carolina. Also, candidates that interested in obtaining a professional accounting license must also complete a specific number of hours of accounting education. It is thus evident that a great deal of time and effort goes into obtaining a professional accounting license in Columbia, South Carolina. If an accountant receives information of a complaint, the SC Board of Accountancy is investigating further.  If you are in such a situation, it is imperative that you contact an accounting license defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Why Would the Board Take Action Against You

When an accountant is issued an accounting license by the South Carolina Board of Accountancy, it is understood that the individual would demonstrate the highest level of professionalism and will fulfill the Board’s requirements and expectations. It is important to note that the rules and regulations that are set by the South Carolina Labor, Licensing and Regulations Board of Accountancy apply to all accounting professionals. Since accountants deal with internal financial information, it is expected of them that they would be honest and fair and will never resort to any action that would result in the manipulation of financial statements. The South Carolina Board of Accountancy needs all licensed accountants to demonstrate this very basic quality during any of their professional accounting activities. If an accountant fails to do so, the Board can take action against them. If you have been notified that the Accountancy Board has received a complaint against you and is investigating you further, you need to speak to an accounting license defense lawyer as soon as possible.


What Type of Activities Can Result in License Suspension/Revocation

A licensed accountant working in Columbia, South Carolina is at risk of action by the Board if they:

  • Engage in providing professional accounting services without a valid license
  • Use the official title of Certified Public Accounting without a valid license
  • Use the official title of Public Accountant without a valid license
  • Engage in fraudulent accounting practices
  • Commit a felony
  • Overcharge clients for services rendered
  • Violate an accountant’s professional code of ethics
  • Engage in providing accounting services without proper license renewal
  • Refuse to cooperate with the Board in an ongoing investigation
  • Mislead their clients
  • They continue to work as a professional accounting despite having their license suspended or revoked in another state
  • Employ an individual who does not have a valid accounting license

Contact an Accounting License Defense Lawyer Regarding a Complaint

If you receive notification from the SC Board of Accountancy regarding an investigation, contact Kendrick & Leonard immediately. You need to understand that even if you strongly believe that the allegations against you have no foundation. The Board will eventually rule in your favor. Nevertheless,  you still need to have an accounting license defense lawyer on your side. Most professionals are unaware of the seriousness of a Board investigation. This is especially true if they know that they have done nothing wrong. However, this is still a legal issue, and it is important to follow the right legal procedures to protect the validity of your license.

When the Board receives a complaint against you, they will evaluate the complaint and determine if there is any merit to it. The Board is the regulatory authority that issues licenses to all professional accountants. They are perfectly aware of what constitutes a violation of the code of conduct and what does not. Many times, the Board filters out complaints that have no merit, and they simply inform the person who has filed the complaint that the Board will not be pursuing any action against the licensed professional mentioned in the complaint. However, there are some situations where the Board is in a sticky situation and where they have information that makes it necessary to investigate further. If you are in this situation and a complaint against you, contact an accounting license defense attorney. The attorney can help you prepare a strong defense.


Contact an Accounting License Defense Lawyer in Columbia, SC

At Kendrick and Leonard, we realize what your accounting license means to you. Your profession is your source of income but it is also more or less your identity. You’ve worked hard to get the license. In the years you’ve provided your accounting services, you have worked hard to establish a reputation within this profession. It is not easy to give something that is such an integral part of your life. That is why defending your license and ensuring that the Board is critical.  Our accounting license defense attorney can outline the different options available to you. We will outline a strategy to protect your license.

A complaint made against you does not make you guilty. Our professional accounting license lawyer realizes that. There are many factors at play here and many times misunderstandings occur. If someone says you have not behaved competently, we are here to help you prove them wrong. Call us today for a consultation. Our accounting license defense lawyer will sit down with you and discuss the specifics of your case in detail. Preparation is the key and planning a strong defense strategy is extremely important. An accounting license defense lawyer can help you do that. Our lawyers will fight hard on your behalf to keep your accounting license.


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