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Criminal Defense

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What is the difference between Drug Possession and PWID in Columbia, SC?

drug possession pwid columbia sc

Facing a drug possession charge is hard enough, but it's worse when you're not sure if your charge is simply drug possession, or possession with the intent to distribute in Columbia, SC. There is a primary difference between the charges. It's entirely reasonable for anyone who is facing a drug charge in Columbia, South Carolina.If you were arrested for drug possession or possession with intent to distribute it's crucial to have all of your questions answered thoroughly. Contacting a drug possession attorney will help you identify what your defense options are and what the charges against you could mean for...

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What Drug Charges are Classified as Violent in Columbia, SC?

violent drug charges columbia sc

In Columbia, South Carolina a  criminal defense lawyer can help you navigate the legal waters of a variety of drug charges. But, when it comes to violent crimes, most people assume that lawyers won't be much help. You'll be surprised to know that many crimes are fit the description of "violent" when you might generally assume that they would not.Drug crimes have serious, life-long, consequences, and a guilty verdict can prevent you from gaining employment or result in years of jail time served. It's difficult understanding how a drug charge became a violent drug offense. Criminal defense lawyers in Columbia,...

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Drug Defense Lawyer on Three Types of Drug Charges in Columbia, SC

drug defense lawyer columbia SC

There are 3 primary types of drug charges in Columbia, South Carolina. Although they differ from each other, they usually have the same kinds of ramifications. Drug charges such as possession, possession with the intent to distribute, and trafficking are the most common drug charges and have some of the most severe consequence. A drug defense lawyer can help you understand your options. They will help develop the best case for you. Possession Possession charges almost always result in fines but don't always include jail time. First-time offenders can usually get by with a bit of community service, and probation. Occasionally first-time...

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Do I Need an Attorney for Violent Crime Charges in Greenville, South Carolina?

violent crime charges lawyer greenvile sc

As a general rule, many violent crime charges never reach the level that you see on TV. This misconception comes from people not understanding that there are two different courts within the U.S. justice system. But, in case you are facing a violent crime charge in South Carolina, you do need help from an attorney.The criminal justice system is what most people envision, and unfortunately, you are likely facing criminal charges. For a violent crime charge, you may also face charges in the civil court system as well.The prosecutor in the criminal justice court system defends the interest of the...

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When to Call a Drug Charges Attorney in Columbia, South Carolina

drug charges attorney Columbia SC

Are you facing drug charges? You are probably stressed, and worried about the drug charges. The situation made worse if you’re handling the charges for a minor in possession. With questions like, “Can I face jail time?” or “What fines can I expect?” are sure to weigh heavily on your mind.  But, many people are victims of a “wrong place, wrong time” scenario. Specifically charges for a minor in possession, the minor was likely hanging out with the wrong people or experiencing improper guidance Undergoing drug charges doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong, but you do need legal advice and...

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When Can I Hire an Attorney if I’ve Been Charged with Criminal Domestic Violence in Greenville, South Carolina?

criminal domestic violence attorney greenville sc

It’s unfortunate, but one of the most commonly seen offenses in Greenville, South Carolina is criminal domestic violence. A CDV charge can range from a misdemeanor to felony depending on the situation and related circumstances. However, facing CDV charges can lead to multiple years of jail time for even a first offense.If you are facing a criminal domestic violence charge you may have to appear in criminal court, civil court or even both.These cases are difficult for even experienced criminal domestic violence attorneys because there is usually little evidence to support the charges. So, it usually comes down to their...

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Why Do I Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Columbia, South Carolina?

criminal defense attorney Columbia SC

If you are facing criminal defense charges, you need a criminal defense attorney to help you throughout the legal process. While many people think it’s best to go for the “aggressive lawyer” it’s more important to understand why you need a criminal defense lawyer and what they should do for you.When you are facing criminal charges, you are already in a difficult situation. The last thing you need is to figure out the legal and law enforcement system in a short time frame. Keep in mind that many criminal defense charges put your freedom at risk immediately.You don’t...

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How Can I Fight Minor in Possession Drug Charges in Columbia, SC?

Minor in Possession Lawyer in Columbia, South Carolina

Learning your teen is facing drug charges isn’t easy. In Columbia, South Carolina many drug charges carry heavy penalties, so you may have concerns about how these minor in possession charges could affect their future. Is my child subject to the same extent of the law as an adult? Will their age and lack of maturity be considered? Who is there to answer your questions while your child is taken away in handcuffs?A criminal defense lawyer can assist you and your family with your child’s legal obligations. In Columbia, South Carolina, the growing availability of drugs and the presence...

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What is Considered a Violent Crime in Greenville, South Carolina?

Violent Crime Lawyer in Greenville, South Carolina

Usually mentioning a crime of violence onsets mental images of graphic murder scenes. The truth is that isn’t always the case. Many crimes are defined as violent because of nature, rather than based on a grotesque scale level, such as drug trafficking or sex crimes. In Greenville, South Carolina, the term violent crime is very straightforward. Greenville, South Carolina law defines violent crimes as any of the following:Arson Assault and battery Murder or attempted murder Burglary Criminal sexual conduct Assault with the intent of committing sex crimes Assault with intent to murder Kidnapping Human trafficking Varieties of manslaughter ...

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How Can Criminal Defense Charges Against College Students Get Dropped?

Criminal Defense Charges Lawyer in Columbia, South Carolina

College students are at a delicate age. They’re old enough to get into trouble and make mistakes. However, they’re new to adulthood and still in school. Most students haven’t reached full maturity or don’t understand what full effects they can experience from a single mistake. This is seen as young, underage students drink from peer pressure, or older students risk many other criminal offenses with little regard for the consequences. If you’re a student facing criminal defense charges in Columbia, South Carolina or your child is a college student with criminal allegations placed against them, getting a criminal defense attorney...

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